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Classy Imagery, in Collaboration

The photos and video on this site were created as stock. Stock is used in everything from commercials to billboards to magazines. The idea of stock is that it’s created on spec and then made available to anyone in the world at prices lower than specifically commissioned work, either directly or through marketplaces such as Shutterstock and Pond5.

But this doesn’t mean that stock (or STCCK) is inferior. Far from from it. We use the same tools and techniques that you would find on any commercial production. We collaborate with amazing talent, crew, nonprofits, and small businesses. And we would love to collaborate with you to create something wonderful.

Free Video / Passive Income / Shared Adventure

Opportunities with STCCK

There are several ways to collaborate with STCCK. If you’re a model or interested in modeling, we can work together to develop your reel. If you shoot video, we can help turn that skill into a passive income. If you’re a small business, we can make you a free promotional video. Or, we can create some customized stock together.

But probably the biggest opportunity that we can provide is a chance to learn together with us. As we learn and grow as a company and our own personal journeys, we will continue to post our stories and insights, hopefully giving some insights that will help you find your own success.

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Doing some good

Of course we want to make a living with what we do here at STCCK. But there’s a difference between making a living and being greedy. It’s more important to us to live a “good” life. For us this means, for one thing, living life to the fullest – appreciating the beauty and wonder of the world around us, and sharing in that as community of individuals. It means meeting people, having conversations (we plan to share these experiences in something called UNSTCCK). Our goal really is just overall be decent human beings.

Living a “good” life means caring for the world around us, leaving it better than we left it. We hope through our efforts at STCCK we can make this happen.


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