Video / Photography

What is STCCK?

STCCK is a creative stock company established in November 2015 by Michael VanSooy and Aaron Wong.

We create video and photography that is sold on Shutterstock, iStock, Pond5, Videoblocks, Fotolia, Nimia, and our own site.

Stock, media created without a specific client, is all around us – commercials, web, print, interactive, places we probably don’t even realize. And with the increasing availability of media and the corresponding need to create more of it faster, the demand for stock will only continue to grow. Agencies, studios, freelancers often have immediate needs that production can’t provide. That’s where stock and STCCK comes in.

The focus of STCCK is to create beautiful imagery to fulfill this need. We explore trends, make projections, and use our own creativity to produce videos and photos that clients want and need. We do this by working through every step of the process from hiring models to conducting shoots to editing and color correcting in post.

However, we might be a little different from other companies that create stock.

We created STCCK not only as a business, to fulfill what we saw what was needed by clients, to develop and flourish our creativity and craft as we pursue a living, but also as a chance to do some good:

We produce stock of subjects and people underrepresented in media. We help nonprofits and small businesses create marketing videos for free. We share our knowledge with the intention that by doing so, everyone learns and grows together.

We are admittedly a new company, but already have over six years of cumulative experience in the stock media business. Hopefully, our work speaks for itself, but, if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always contact us, or there is plenty of other stock out there.

We hope you find STCCK and the work that we do useful, inspiring, or, at least, entertaining. Thanks tremendously for checking us out!