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Marketing can be difficult for a small business. You have to devote a lot of time and resources to making sure that you get what you want. Photos need to convey the message you’re looking for. And, with it becoming increasingly important, video requires even more expertise. Then there’s the risk that after the money is spent, it’s not what you wanted.

We’d like to simplify the process for you. We can create promotional material for you at no cost to you. What we ask for in return is the permission to use the material we create together as stock. We can avoid using your branding in the stock if you’d prefer, but this is actually free additional advertising.

Our standard agreement is that if you let our team record in your facilities, we create a short promo video for your business and give you the footage and photos that we create for any of your future needs. If you’d like something more involved, we can arrange that too, at a lower cost than you’ll probably find any where else due to our business model.

Check out some of the pieces below as examples of what’s possible.

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