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Imagine a job where you get to travel the world, meet all kinds of people, shoot creative photos and video, and get paid to do it. There’s of course more to it, including a ton of post production, keywording, and research. But making stock has a great deal of independence and creative freedom. You get to produce a product that you own and can continue to make a profit off of for years to come, whether it’s merely supplemental to something else or more primary.

STCCK is a relatively new company but we do have over six years of combined experience running previous successful stock companies. We want to share whatever experience and insight we find as we create our company. If you find it useful in anyway, let us know. It would awesome too if you use our referral links if you signup for anything, but only if you feel like it.

This page gathers all the articles from our blog on starting a stock company. It includes things such as business advice, equipment recommendations, post tutorials, workflow explanations, and war stories. It will be continually updated so please keep checking back or signup for our mailing list. Also, we’ll take requests if there’s anything you’d like to know specifically.

Lastly, we do offer one-on-one business consulting for your stock business, no matter it’s current stage. Feel free to reach out to us.

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