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How can we help?
You can reach us at +1 (971) 303-9760
or [email protected].

Being a non-profit, marketing expenses are often tight. We’d love to help by offering our services. If you allow us to do a shoot within your organization and use that media for stock, we can edit a short promo video for you as well as give you all the video and photos for any future needs.

For the shoot, we will bring in the equipment and crew. We can also hire talent or use your employees/volunteers if they are willing to sign releases. Basically, together we’ll figure out what works best for your needs and come up with a plan that fun and rewarding for all.

As another way we’d like to help, if you see any media on this site or any of our portfolio sites such as iStock or Shutterstock that you would like to use for your non-profit, contact us directly and we will get it to you at no cost. We’ll probably have some questions about it’s usage and your organization but most likely we’ll be able to work something out.

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